The First Screenshot of the Remade Half-Life Xen World Looks Like a Dear Esther Assault Course

By Julian Benson on at

The Black Mesa team is hard at work remaking the Xen portion of the original Half-Life and it's looking great.

The team did a bang up job on the first half of the game, both bringing to up to scratch with modern games visually and mechanically but also expanding out hugely on the original game areas, the same looks to be happening with Half-Life's alien worlds:


In the post where the team shared the first image of their work, community manager TextFAMGUY1 said the team "want our version of Xen to feel like it really belongs with the rest of the game in terms of mechanics, cohesion and progression. But we also want to push the boundaries and explore this unique and varied setting; to build an experience that feels both fresh and familiar to players from all walks of Half-Life veterancy. While our Xen is certainly going to be gorgeous, we are first and foremost really committed to making sure that the gameplay works on every level."

Does that image look a lot like Dear Esther's caves to anyone else... y'know, with more jump ramps?