Dota 2 Players Can Now Code Their Own AI

By Julian Benson on at

In the future, when historians are trying to chart the rise of sentient AI that led to the first human/machine war, they'll have a note for the day Valve let Dota 2 players write their own AI. The tools Valve has given over to players allow for extremely granular creations, ones that use any information that should be available to a human player, letting players write scripts for what the AI should do in tonnes of different situations.

Valve lets you write scripts for bots that make light changes, telling an AI how much to push certain lanes, how much to farm, and so on, but it also lets you write complete takeovers of the bot, so that in certain situations it will do very exact things - activating a certain pattern of attacks, say.

You can read through the full manual on bot scripted on Valve's developer page.

The bots are not all-seeing, all-knowing machines. They can only work on the information that isn't hidden by the fog of war. So, all those complaints you have about the AI cheating are wrong. It's just that you're being whooped by a machine.

You can share and download bots through the Steam Workshop, so expect there to soon be a load of AIs you can try out. Hopefully, it will get to the point where if there is any kind of play you are weak on you can download a bot play against that will let you practise and improve.