Elite: Dangerous is Coming to PlayStation 4

By Julian Benson on at

Elite: Dangerous, the ace space sandbox that's been sucking up players on the PC and Xbox One for last two years, is making the jump over to the PlayStation 4.

The initial release version for Sony's console will include all the expansions released so far, including the latest, Horizons. It's also going to make use of the Dualshock controller's touchpad, letting you customise commands to the sensor bar and use it to navigate the game's star map.

Have a look at it in action in the new trailer:

While Frontier says the game will run better on PS4 Pro, it doesn't say whether it will make use of the PSVR headset or if it will allow crossplay with PC players.

There isn't an exact release date for Elite: Dangerous on the PlayStation 4 just yet, but it's slated for 2017 Q2, so anywhere from April through to June.