Your Next Elusive Target in Hitman is a Murder-Granny

By Matt Wales on at

If you're looking for something to do over the weekend, why not murder a little old lady? Not just any old lady, of course (random geriatric slaughter is bad, okay?), but Etta Davis - AKA the Angel of Death, and Hitman's fifteenth Elusive Target.

There's a full briefing video to go with the unveiling of Square's latest Elusive Target (conveniently inserted below), but the gist is that you're hunting down a naughty ex-nurse who's been offing patients in hospitals and retirement homes, and who looks a bit like a murderous Mary Poppins.

You can try your hand at eliminating Etta right now, with the limited-time contract set to expire next Friday, December 9th, at 1pm. As ever, there are no second chances, so you'll want to plan carefully and execute flawlessly. Hopefully Square has a few Christmas treats in store too, and we'll be mowing down Santa Claus next.