Mass Effect: Andromeda's Facial Animations Aren't Final, in Case You Were Wondering

By Matt Wales on at

Following last night's extended-ish look at Mass Effect: Andromeda (at the VGAs, of course), some fans of the of the space-faring chatterbox adventure series have been expressing mild discontent at the perceived quality of facial modelling and animation for the game's female protagonist, Lady Rubberface McBabychops-Ryder.

If you too have been fretting over the slightly slack-mouthed lip synching and prominent hamster cheeks (which may or may not be visible in the trailer, but you can judge for yourself below), never fear: three of the game's developers have come forward on Twitter to reassure fans that there's still plenty of work to do.

General manager Aaron Flynn was quick to note that Andromeda's skins, faces and speech will get "worked on all the way to the end" of development, while creative director Mac Walters reassured a fretful inquirer that the studio will be "polishing the game until they take it from our cold, dead hands".

Finally, producer Mike Gamble stepped in with assurances that "we will continue to polish until someone comes and rips it from us. Because we <3 you". Aww.

Mass Effect: Andromeda still doesn't have a release date beyond an extremely vague 'Spring 2017', which gives BioWare a fairly movable amount of time to polish things up to its satisfaction.