Hitman Now Lets You Murder People Offline as Easily as On

By Julian Benson on at

The first season of Hitman has come to a close, with all six of levels being out in the wild for people to play, but IO Interactive isn't done just yet. The studio has just put out an update that lets you play the game fully offline. Until now you could go through all the levels but the gear that you unlocked for playing well was only available to you online.

The latest update now lets you access all that online stuff offline so you can murder people on your laptop on the train or if the internet goes down in your flat.

Other changes include improvements to stability, a checkmark for opportunities you've completed in the past, and a newly designed stats page.

The big thing for actually playing the game is that you can now pull people over ledges and out windows if you're hanging on the ledge below.

There's also a load of bug fixes for each individual mission, too.

You can have a read through all the changes here.