Ubisoft's Advent Calendar Has Giveaways For The 30 Days of Christmas

By Rich Stanton on at

Ubi30 is not a reggae band from Birmingham. Instead it represents, like some jolly French Santa Claus, developer and publisher Ubisoft celebrating Christmas in a spirit of benevolence. The company has created a 30-day advent calendar with a 'giveaway' behind each window - and the only thing you have to do is remember your UPlay password! It took me three attempts.

And the reward for day one, still available, is Rayman Classic on mobile. Not something that was on my list but you can't argue with free. Day 2 was much more disappointing, with "75% off UBisoft PC games" stretching the definition of giveaway beyond breaking point.


We'll obviously keep an eye on this and flag up any especially great giveaways. Meantime let us wish Yves and his merry band a happy Christmas, with our thanks for their act of festive generosity - and may god bless us, every one.