Road Trip Tips for Final Fantasy XV

By Kate Gray on at

It might be cold outside, but it’s warm in the world of Eos and the perfect time to start planning a road trip. Imagine cruising down the highway in a convertible, tunes blasting on the radio, friends in every seat and towering creatures rampaging all around you. What more could four best friends need for an unforgettable journey?

Cook together

cook together

Road trips are all about bonding, but it can get intense in that small shared space. Remember to take the time to get out of the car and cook each other meals - or, maybe, if only one of you is a good chef, everyone else can handle other duties. Like killing monsters or washing dishes. The best thing about cooking in the wild is making weird dishes with whatever you can find - a potluck stew with meat from the nearest beast, or poached egg several times the size of Noctis’s head.

Make time for the unexpected

make time for the unexpected

It’s good to plan ahead on a road trip, but always leave space for the unexpected to happen - you never know when you might stumble across the World’s Largest Artichoke, a version of Stonehenge built entirely with the rusted carcasses of cars, or gigantic, unnatural rock formations that you just have to climb. It’s finding those unplanned, inspiring moments that will make your road trip a memorable one - not the planned trip to Carhenge.

Make time for the scenic route

take the scenic route

The road less travelled is always worth taking. Sure, you might have to be the one to clear that road of large dragons and reptiles and various other things in the way, but dat view makes it all worthwhile.

Appreciate your friends

appreciate your friends

You’ve gone on this road trip with these people for a reason - and it’s important to stop every once in a while to remember why you’re all there, squashed together in a tiny convertible, listening to the same tunes over and over because only one person remembered to bring CDs. It’s not every day you set out to escape the kingdom that destroyed your homeland and killed your father… or maybe we can just forget about that, kick in Regalia’s flight mode, and pretend we’re on Spring Break! Woo, Spring Break!

Stop at every roadside shop

stop at every roadside shop

You never know when you’re next going to need a pee, or get the chance to ride a Chocobo. Every shop, service station and attraction has a story to tell, unique food to buy, and sometimes, big yellow birds that you can sit on and ride around like a feathery horse. Do you want to be the person that misses out on that? That person? Choc-o-no!

OK sorry.

Learn car maintenance

learn car maintenance

Maybe you don’t know your dipstick from your gear shaft, but saucy euphemism won’t help when the car breaks down (and it will break down). Always ensure you have a mechanically-inclined friend like Cindy who can actually fix things while the boys loaf about.

Download some entertainment before you go

download entertainment

Yes, you’re all best friends, you love each other’s company and you could talk for hours… but we all know road trips take their toll, and at some point you might decide that you could all do with some alone time. It’s at times like these you’ll be glad you downloaded Justice Monsters Five for your iPhone or Android phone, and can escape the road without leaving FFXV behind.