Titanfall 2's First Free DLC Drops On November 30th

By Heather Alexandra on at

Respawn Entertainment has outlined their plans for Titanfall 2's first multiplayer DLC. ‘Angel City’s Most Wanted’ adds a fan favourite map and an in game store.

The DLC will be released on November 30th. It is the first of many free DLC coming to the game. Respawn Entertainment has promised that all of their multiplayer DLC will be free for all players. The DLC brings back a fan favourite map from Titanfall: Angel City.

Titanfall 2 will also receive an in game store where players can purchase gun skins, camouflage, and Titan variants. Respawn hopes to avoid the pitfalls of randomised loot crates by allowing players to buy what they want.

“We will have no in-game currency exchange,” their blog post says. “ If you see something you like, you buy it and that’s it.”

In addition to the changes brought in Angel City’s Most Wanted, Respawn plans to start double experience point weekends and offer in game recognition for top players.

Titanfall 2 is a damn great game. Here’s hoping that the DLC will pilots battling for a long time to come!