Players Claim They're Finally Catching Ditto In Pokémon Go

By Patricia Hernandez on at

For months, nobody could find find Ditto in Pokémon Go. It wasn’t in the game. Today, reports are flooding in from a variety of players who claim they’ve caught the elusive shapeshifter.

Twitter and other social media are flooding with images and reports of Dittos out in the wild right now:


There are many more images out there, and while this would be easy to fake, the thing that’s lending the reports credibility is that they’re all happening at the same time, and they’re all describing the same thing happening. The player encounters a monster like normal, captures it...only to have it turn into Ditto. As you would expect from a creature known to disguise itself as others.

So, next time you gloss over a monster like Rattata and Magikarp, remember this: you might be passing up one of the rarest creatures in Pokemon Go.