Bioshock Lego Creation Sends Us Into Raptures

By Rich Stanton on at

2K has paid a man with an extraordinarily made-up-sounding name, one Imagine Rigney, to build a Lego diorama loosely based on the cover of the Bioshock Collection. A series with such an exceptional environment is the perfect subject and, like some 21st century Nollekens of knobbly bricks, Rigney was up to the task - and then some.

This is the art for the Bioshock Collection's cover:bioshock_collection_hero

And here is Imagine Rigney's creation, with either side showing the close-up details.


One of the challenges that both the original artist and Rigney faced was communicating some sense of the series' scope, or in other words moving from the ocean's surface to the upper atmosphere. As you can see Rigney's Bioshock Infinite airships are delightfully dinky, and his sea floor's not half bad either.


But it's in the interiors that you really feel our man let go, freed from the general outlines of the cover template and allowed to focus in on the intimate horrors of Rapture's interiors. build-blog-3


Gotta love those splicers. 2K has a gallery of shots and a writeup of the project here, and a trailer showcasing the build is below.