Dishonored 2 Players are Already Beating the Game Without Getting Spotted or Using Powers

By Heather Alexandra on at

Dishonored 2 is plenty challenging. Adding in special conditions makes things trickier. No kills, no detection. No abilities. Only a select number of players are pulling of these daring playthroughs.

Very few members of the community have gotten the trophies or achievements for the game’s hardest tasks. Only about two percent of players have managed to avoid killing enemies while even less have gone undetected. The rarest achievement is the “Flesh and Steel” trophy for using no powers. Only 0.4% of players on PlayStation 4 and 0.5% of players on Steam have managed the task.

Two days ago, Vlado Le completed Dishonored 2 without taking a life or getting seen once, or abilities. He did all of this on Hard mode. It’s an impressive feat that took 32 hours of playtime.

Vlado Le’s achievements. Source: Reddit

I asked Vlado for some tips on how to tackle Dishonored 2's hardest achievements. Here’s what he told me:

  • Try to find safe spots that are high above guards. Use these positions to scout out their patrol paths.
  • Peek around corners but do it far behind the corner. Enemies are more perceptive than the first Dishonored.
  • Take time to collect bonecharms. Equip those that will upgrade your crossbow.
  • Knock out enemies as a last resort. It is far better to avoid them if you can.
  • Howling bolts are useful against summoned dogs. Sleeping bolts will not take them out.
  • Keep your razor or stuns traps saved up for clockwork soldiers.

A few other players have pulled off difficult runs. TheSeraphim17 has a full walkthrough and guide for a Clean Hands Ghost run on Very Hard mode. DraQu, known for his astounding Devil Daggers high score, has completed the game with a speedy 32:46 time in the Any% category. It’s not super stealthy but is still very badass.

Dishonored 2 is a pretty good game in spite of some flaws. Seeing these highly skilled runs has encouraged me to do my own non-lethal, super stealthy playthrough. With the achievement percentage so low, you’ll get major bragging rights if you can join the esteemed ranks of the community’s master assassins. It’s also just a really fun way to play.

“It makes the game more challenging,” Vlado told me. “And it offers a new perspective on what you can do. There’s a lot of creative takedowns!”

I’m going to be tracking the stats on those achievements, gang. Let’s try and boost those numbers up!