Watch Scottish Comedian Limmy Stream Bloodborne

By Rich Stanton on at

Scottish comedian and semi-respectable videogame player Brian 'Limmy' Limond has acquired a copy of Bloodborne, and is now streaming his first steps through FromSoftware's 2015 masterpiece. The PlayStation 4 exclusive casts the player as a hunter in the city of Yharnam, which is beset by a plague of beasts - but as you explore and progress, everything changes.

As something of a Bloodborne nut, one of my dearest wishes is that I could experience the game again for the first time. The nature of Miyazaki's storytelling breeds a level of obsession among more committed players, sticklers for every detail, to the extent it's easy to forget how revelatory and fresh the game was to new eyes. Limmy's a great laugh anyway and, as the proud conqueror of many Souls games prior to this, should hit the ground running.