Watch Dogs 2 Marriage Proposal Takes a Tragic Turn

By Heather Alexandra on at

Non-player characters can lead pretty dramatic lives. One couple from Watch Dogs 2 manages to go from being the happiest people ever to raging fisticuffs in record time.

Brandon C captured the moment on YouTube. A young man proposes to his lover in a very picturesque scene. It’s so heartwarming that protagonist Marcus just needs to take a selfie so he can cherish the image of the two lovers forever. Then? Chaos.

As one man poses for the camera, it unlocks years of pent up frustration in his partner. The once happy pair starts yelling at each other.

“You think your shit don’t stink?” “Drop dead, loser!” “Stand down, dick-ass!”

Bam, pow! Fists fly and the happy moment turns violent. It’s the kind of drama that only happens when game systems run completely as intended and totally don’t fuck up in weird ways. So tragic!

Farewell, young couple. You hacked our hearts with your star crossed love.