Frozen Synapse 2 Delayed But Looks Worth The Wait

By Rich Stanton on at

The British development studio with perhaps the best name in the industry, Mode 7 Games, has delivered a one-two punch about the upcoming Frozen Synapse 2. Lots of cool new details, hurrah! Delayed until 2017, boo!

In all seriousness, everyone has plenty of games to be getting on with - and delays are generally a good thing for quality. The original Frozen Synapse was a belter, a turn-based strategy game perfect for quick matches against friends and long drag-out wars against online randoms. What was especially neat was discovering the layers that built up around the basic interactions, and learning the art of prediction around its fog-of-war.


Frozen Synapse 2 is expanding the original in a major sense, with a new procedurally-generated city at the core of its singleplayer campaign - filled with AI gangs that compete with the player - while carrying over and adding to the multiplayer mode. The most tantalising addition is 'One Turn' mode, where players take a single turn each - then watch it play out. A beautiful touch here is that, once you've taken that turn on a given seed, you can then set it against any number of other players who take the other side.

The announcement of a delay came alongside some lovely gifs of new units in action, beginning with the 'Naughty Naughty Little Flame Man'. Official name, I didn't make it up. Looks like he burns stuff.


This next one throws smoke grenades to obscure vision, which is often the most important element in a Frozen Synapse match.


Proxy mine fella is the last one, which always makes me think of Goldeneye 007: License to Kill, Facility, Proxies, leave the framerate at the door please.


Of course, I'm sure Frozen Synapse 2 will have a lovely framerate.

I asked Paul Kilduff-Taylor, co-founder of Mode 7, about the reason for the delay, and more generally if he's happy with where the game is at.

"We've added a huge new feature to the game as a response to some community feedback on Ian Hardingham's weekly dev diaries," says Kilduff-Taylor. "It's related to the procedurally-generated city and you'll see a full announcement from us about that in the New Year. This is the most ambitious game we've ever made and it's incredible to see it taking shape."

Frozen Synapse 2 is now aiming for an early 2017 release, and meantime let's console ourselves with a new trailer.