28 Years On, the Sega Mega Drive is Getting a New Game

By Julian Benson on at

It's been almost three decades since the Sega Mega Drive released in Japan, 26 years since it was released in the UK, and, while any other console, would have been long dead in this time, one fan is spooling up to release a new game for the venerable console.

Tanglewood is a new platformer for the old console. Putting you in the paws of Nymn, a fox-like creature that's become separated from its friends in a very dangerous wood, it's on you to get back to them without becoming dinner in meantime.

Developed by Sheffield-based Matt Philips, Tanglewood isn't just a game that's being made to run on the Sega Mega Drive, it's also being made in the same way as old Mega Drive games.

Philips is using an old Mega Drive development kit to build and test the game, writing the entire thing in assembly language:


Tanglewood will also be available on the PC – which is handy for all of us who don't still have a Mega Drive stashed away somewhere – but the work Philips is doing to authentically develop a Mega Drive game is wonderful to read about.

You can find out a lot more about the game on Tanglewood's Kickstarter page.