How Big Is NES Mini?

By Rich Stanton on at

The Nintendo Classic Mini launches tomorrow, and at Kotaku UK we're all about asking the big questions. Such as, how does it compare to a banana?


That's a small banana, to be fair, but it was only right to begin with a minor tribute to the late and great Satoru Iwata - who began his career programming Famicom games, including the singular Balloon Fight (included on the NES Mini). As he might say: please enjoy. iwata

So how does NES Mini compare to the good old NES itself? Look at it! Barely visible. Also quite nice to see what colour my NES was 30 years ago.  IMG_7654

You want a close-up on the lettering so we can examine the fonts? I got you fam. IMG_7651

Nope I have no idea why the original says 'NES VERSION' either - or any idea why I miss that trademark sign.

Sadly my SNES was long-ago donated to charity, but the colossus that is the N64 remains. IMG_7657

It almost fits in the cartridge slot! Let's skip another generation and go straight to Wii and Wii U. IMG_7661

Snug as a bug in a rug. Various Nintendo handhelds? From left-to-right we see the Game Boy Pocket (Gunpei Yokoi's final project at the company), a Game Boy Micro above a Game Boy Advance SP, a DS Lite and a 3DS. IMG_7668

At this point I was getting a bit bored of consoles, so decided to end with a final comparison to the greatest of all time. IMG_7681

Moving onto peripherals, I instantly make a stunning find. The NES Mini's dimensions almost exactly match those of the Wavebird, which some might consider the highpoint of game controller history. What can it mean?


The Donkey Konga bongoes simply sit, waiting. No rhythm has passed through them in years and, all around, the lone and level sands stretch far away. IMG_7684

A Japanese Famicom cart on the left, a PAL region cart on the right. NES Mini's dinky quotient is off the scale!


I know what you're thinking - what about the pads? Is the pad the same, the very same, as the one I held all those years ago as a mere sprog? BEHOLD:






NES Mini fits quite snugly in the PSVR headset. Unfortunately it doesn't have eyes, ears, consciousness or any of that other stuff you need to enjoy VR, but it fits.


And I'm spent. We'll be taking a closer look at NES Mini soon but, in the meantime, I leave you with those wise and ironic words from the Wind Waker.

"We've been losing members due to our lack of gimmicky attractions. But we don't worry. True fans know we're the coolest."