Command an Army of Sidekicks in Miitomo, Nintendo's Mobile Game

By Julian Benson on at

Since Miitomo, Nintendo's first mobile game, was launched back in March, the game has been largely bereft of updates. A few new sets of clothes have been released but there haven't been any major updates. It seemed like the project had been abandoned.

Eight months on, and with little fanfare, Nintendo has released a chunky patch that adds private messaging, room decorating and sidekicks.

It still sounds like it's a little light for actual game-y things to do, much as I felt after playing it back at release.

With private messaging you'll be able to message anyone on your friend's list. Unlike other games, your mii (or one of your sidekicks) will personally deliver the message to your friend.

These sidekicks are a new feature and let every player have up to 100 sidekicks. These are essentially just other miis you've created and dressed up. There's not a great deal to with them yet, but I love that this gives Miitomo the tools to make a Despicable Me-like minion game, where all your miis are your underlings.

You can now dress you rooms with different flooring and wallpaper. It's not quite Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, but it's getting there. If Nintendo went full bore on letting you design rooms, that would be somewhere I could happily sink hours of my time. You can hang posters, too, using preset images or photos from your phone.

All these different hangings and decorations will cost you, though, either real money or in-game cash.

There are other, less big, changes to the game brought in the update. You can find out more about them on Miitomo's site.

Miitomo marked Nintendo's first move onto the smartphone and, while briefly popular, it didn't have the sticking power you'd expect from a game developer as talented as Nintendo. Hopefully we won't have to wait eight months for another update, and Nintendo is able to turn this game around.