Undertale's fabulous OST re-recorded with jazzy lullaby vibes

By Rich Stanton on at

The success of Undertale was heartwarming because, in this age of extravagance and entitlement, here was a little game that could. Something that tapped into our collective sense of humour, our joy in the absurd - and of course our love of a great chiptune.


Toby's Fox's Undertale OST is magnificent, and the Japanese duo GENTLE LOVE have re-recorded it in their own style - a "unique therapeutic approach," according to the press release. GENTLE LOVE is saxophonist Norihiko Hibino, who has performed on the Bayonetta series and Metal Gear Solid, and pianist AYAKI, whose best-known work is on Etrian Odyssey and Persona. The album is called Prescription for Sleep: Undertale and sounds absolutely divine: three tracks can be previewed on the bandcamp page, and here's the video ad.

The album is released on December 1st, with a digital release at $10. But what will especially excite fans is the physical edition, a 2-disc set in a beautifully-designed wallet with a booklet and character stickers.


Games like Undertale deserve and reward a bit of love, and objects like this manifest that. Unfortunately, the currently-tanking pound means that the $25 asking price for the physical edition translates as just over £20 for us in the UK - which, including shipping, rises to £36.12. It's rather steep but, for Undertalers everywhere, may be a price worth paying.