A Sim Where You Build Cars, Get Drunk, and Drive the Roads of Finland

By Julian Benson on at

If you ever wanted to spend your summer fiddling with the innards of a car's engine while drinking beers and listening to the radio, My Summer Car may be for you. It looks bizarre, yet fascinating.

My Summer Car has the aesthetic of one of those churned-out sim games: low fidelity graphics, but with obvious attention spent on mechanical authenticity. You are literally piecing together a car engine, assembling its intricate parts and screwing in bolts to hold it together.

That scrupulous attention to detail is not bad thing, but often the game surrounding the central simulation is dull. That doesn't look to be the case with My Summer Car. You're very much playing a slacker with a full summer ahead to tinker with your ride. You can go out into town, get tanked on beers, play arcade games, slouch back on a sofa and watch TV. You can't do that in Fork Lift Truck Operator 2014.

You earn money doing odd jobs around town and then use that cash to buy mail-order parts for your car. You can do things like fit your vehicle with a better radio, tune up the engine, or get some new rims, turning your car into a mobile disco or a rally car.

According to My Summer Car's Steam page, "if everything goes well, you have a working car which you can use for various 1990's Finnish countryside summer activities. Basically, doing stupid things under influence of alcohol." I'm not into my cars myself, but I'm kind of fascinated by this game regardless.