Bloodborne's Rarest Attack Kills Your FPS

By Rich Stanton on at

Fromsoft's magnificent Bloodborne is full of surprises, and many things that even experienced players see only once in a blue moon. A charming feature that it shares with the Souls games is giving certain enemies an ultra-rare attack - you can fight them hundreds of times without ever seeing this 'secret' move and then one day... You Died.

Youtube user XTrin was getting a close-up look at the Loran Cleric, a common enemy in the game's chalice dungeons, by observing him through a door. The hunter uses a torch to attract the Cleric's attention, but then the enemy turns away, begins an unusual animation, and shit gets real.

The attack's AoE is so large that it demolishes a huge number of physics objects around the environment - and so causes a noticeable drop in framerate. The few other times this attack has been sighted, it's had the same impact, often to treacle-like extremes.


It's a little sad that one of Bloodborne's most magical qualities - that sense of mystery and the unknown, the certainty you haven't seen everything it has to offer - also exposes one of its only flaws. The impending release of the improved PS4 Pro hardware would be the perfect opportunity to patch and fix the frame-buffering issues that exist in places but, as ever, Fromsoft's intentions remain inscrutable.