Star Citizen Single Player Campaign Delayed Into 2017

By Julian Benson on at

During tonight's Citizencon livestream, Cloud Imperium Games announced that Squadron 42, Star Citizen's single player campaign, will not meet its 2016 release date.

CIG's CEO Chris Roberts gave an update on the campaign's development, saying that a lot of the core technology required for the game was finished but there was still work to be done:

2016-10-10 01_09_05-Greenshot

Currently the team is trying to finish one of the campaign's 28 chapters, bringing it up to final release standards. When that chapter is complete Roberts said that it would be shown off to the community:

2016-10-10 01_10_57-Greenshot

CIG has been cagey about the release of Squadron 42 throughout this year. In September I reported that Roberts had told a German publication that the campaign would not be released in 2016. I was contacted by CIG's PR to correct the post, as there had been no change to Squadron 42's release date.

Earlier today CIG's Squadron 42 site was still stating a 2016 release:

squadron 42 2016 release date

It's not a surprise that the campaign will miss its 2016 release window - there has been exceedingly little of the campaign shown - but this official confirmation has been a long time coming. Considering CIG is still working to bring one chapter up to release quality, the full campaign is likely still a long way off.

Through September we published a series of articles that took a deep dive into the troubled development of Star Citizen. If you'd like to get up to speed with the game most crowd-funded video game ever then they're a great start.