Hear the Story Behind Dishonored 2's Gorgeous City of Karnaca

By Matt Wales on at

If there's one thing we can probably all agree on, it's that the original Dishonored was a blimmin' gorgeous game. There's a limit to the amount of beauty you can imbue in a place like Dunwall though, with its plague-ridden slums and pox-filled parlours, so it's a real treat to see what Dishonored 2's artists have conjured up now that the series has shifted to rather more exotic climes.

You can see the beautiful artistry behind Dishonored 2's Karnaca in the newly released developer video below, and get a bit of insight into the work required to make the city, its landmarks and cultures feel truly authentic.

Karnaca certainly looks the part, with its jagged, misty peaks, thick evening sunsets, expansive cliffside mansions and golden cobblestone streets, and there looks to be plenty to applaud where the sequel's refined freeform stealth and slaughter action is concerned too. If you'd like a closer look at that, Arkane has a rather more bombastic new chunk of in-game footage, which you can enjoy below.