No Man's Sky Community Temporarily Shuts Down Due To Toxicity

By Heather Alexandra on at

Earlier today, one of the largest No Mans Sky community hubs temporarily shut down, causing a small communal panic before the subreddit was reopened under new moderation. Though brief, this incident the latest episode in an ongoing saga of fan related drama surrounding the title.

According to a post by the sole remaining community moderator R0ugeW0lf, the No Man’s Sky subreddit had become “a hate filled wastehole of no actual discussion,” so he made the unilateral decision to close the subreddit.

“The other moderators tried to sway my opinion but cynicism got the best of me as usual,” R0ugeW0lf explained. The claim seems at odds with another post describing what occurred:

No Man's Sky Community Temporarily Shuts Down Due To Toxicity

The temporary shutdown may not sound surprising to some of you, considering that the wider No Man’s Sky community has been riled since the game’s launch. Infamously, one of the most popular posts in the NMS subreddit listed out countless features that appeared to be missing from the final release, and that post because the rallying call for those who felt that the game fell short of what the developers promised. The negative attention garnered by that thread caused the original poster to delete it, which is a perfect microcosm for some of the toxicity cited by the mod who shut down the subreddit.

At present, the subreddit current boasts over 146,000 subscribers. Another subreddit r/no_mans_sky is vying to become the new main gathering place for fans but only has 7,109 subscribed readers at this time. Mentions of smaller subreddit are currently censored on /r/NoMansSkyTheGame, making it difficult for members to communicate and migrate to the competing subreddit. A post at the intensely specific /r/SubredditDrama catalogs all the details.

The No Man’s Sky community has earned a reputation for overreactions and drama. After our own Jason Schreier accurately reported on the game’s delay, he received numerous death threats. Developer Shaun Murray also received threats. As a result of vocal fan complaints, the game’s marketing is currently under investigation here in the UK.