Here's What The Evolutions of Pokémon Sun and Moon's Starters Look Like

By Patricia Hernandez on at

Meet Dartrix, Torracat, and Brionne. It looks like no matter what starter you pick in Sun and Moon, you’re in for something cute as an evolution.

Torracat highlights: a little cowlick. It has a bell, just like a real cat might (except it’s made out of fire.) IT MAKES FLIPPIN’ BISCUITS!

Dartrix highlights: that hair! This ‘mon can literally do a hairflip. Also, it giggles.

Brionne highlights: aww, what an adorable dress. So dainty.

Within the recently released trailer, Game Freak also unveiled a couple of new mechanics, including Festival Plaza, which appears to be a social hub for players, and Poké Pelago, a ‘paradise’ for monsters in your PC. The latter reminds me of Sonic’s Chao Garden:

In this case, Pelago lets you attract wild creatures; pokémon can also collect items; pokémon can train on their own, among other things.

Oh, and mega evolutions are indeed back this time around, for those of you wondering.

Also news: there will be a demo for Sun and Moon that drops on October 18th, during which you’ll be accompanied by this fellow:

The Greninja will be transferable to the full game, which releases on November 18th.