The Beautifully Drawn Masquerada is Out at Last

By Julian Benson on at

I played Masquerada in 2015 at Gamescom. The fast-paced action RPG drew me in with its mechanics but sealed my affection with its beautiful art style. The game has an elegant comic style that I find really easy to read, even when battles fill the screen with showers of ice, fissures in the earth, and flocks of swarming fragments of weaponised fabric and paper.

The game sees you taking control of a team of up to four adventurers as they push through a Venice-inspired city that is harshly split between those with power and those without. A civil war is brewing between the Masquarada (a faction who hold power with ability-granting masks) and the maskless lower class, the Contadani; you are tasked with investigating the kidnapping of a public official in and among all this chaos. It's a setup that lent the campaign a real sense of urgency in the demo I played.

Take a look at it all in action in the launch trailer:

As you can see, it has the play-style of the old isometric RPGs for the '90s but the look of the Banner Saga games. A fine mix. Combat is dealt with in real-time but you can pause the action to queue up your heroes' special moves.

I've not played Masquerada since that demo back in 2015, but I thoroughly enjoyed what I got my hands on then.

You can read more about the game, which released on Saturday, over on its official site.