Watch Two Completely Different Ways to Tackle Dishonored 2's Beautiful Clockwork Mansion

By Matt Wales on at

I'm still not quite sure what to make of the original Dishonored. On the one hand, I adored its exhilarating, open-ended stealth-if-you-wanna action; on the other, I just could not stand how the game's ponderous, straight-faced storyline felt so completely at odds with its colourful, delightfully larger-than-life aesthetic.

So while I'm still desperately (and probably futilely) hoping that Dishonored 2 lightens up a little, I'm considerably less worried about its core sneak-or-slaughter set-up, which looks just as mesmerisingly, empoweringly freeform as its predecessor.

To wit, developer Arkane has just released a pair of gameplay videos that demonstrate two very different ways in which you can complete Dishonored 2's Clockwork Mansion campaign mission. First up, there's this one, following new protagonist Emily Baldwin as she slips unseen through the beautiful, intricately designed stage.

Lovely. But what if you're of a slightly more aggressive disposition? Well, never fear – Emily is just as equipped to tackle Dishonored 2's challenges in a rather more confrontational manner, as you can see in the second, combat-focussed play through of the same area.

That is...quite the contrast, but an incredibly promising one nonetheless. And if Dishonored 2 has tickled your fancy, Bethesda would like you to know that you'll be able to play the game one day ahead of its November 11 launch - if you're prepared to take the good ol' pre-order gamble.