The Stanley Parable Designer's Making a Fucked-Up VR Game About Accounting

By Julian Benson on at

I guess we shouldn't expect anything normal from the designer of The Stanley Parable. Still, Accounting is... well, it's fucked up.

From the trailer it looks like in Crows Crows Crows next game you're visiting Derek Smith's office, the accountant for Smith & Smithersion, when you discover a VR headset (inside of the already VR game). You stick it on and get transported to Derek Smith's special accounting world. A world of aggressive, swearing clouds that live in trees, dungeons with instructions on torture, and desks made out of bones.

You should probably just watch the trailer:

Crows Crows Crows' Accounting looks a little nuts but if you learn anything about accounting in the process then that's a win, right?