Shovel Knight's Next Free Expansion is Named and Dated

By Matt Wales on at

Shovel Knight really is the game that keeps on giving. In its original guise, developer Yacht Club Game's ode to exacting 8-bit platforming was an utter delight, deftly combining old-school design sensibilities with a thoroughly modern layer of finesse.

That wonderful core got even richer with the arrival of free expansion campaign Plague of Shadows (starring everybody's favourite bomb-tossing alchemist Plague Knight) back in 2015 , and now Yacht Club Games has named and dated its next major expansion for the game.

Shovel Knight Specter of Torment

Specter of Torment is set to arrive in Spring 2017 and will, like its predecessor, be completely free of charge. That's thanks to the fact that Shovel Knight's hugely successful Kickstarter campaign managed to meet its second playable Boss Knight stretch goal.

Specter of Torment stars Shovel Knight's legendary Specter Knight, and promises to mix things up still further with a whole new play style and a set of brand-new moves – namely dash slashing and wall climbing, which Yacht Club Game's outlined in a blog post earlier this year.

Incredibly, Specter Knight's adventures don't mark the end of Yacht Club's work on Shovel Knight. Following Specter of Torment's release, there's still the promised Body Swap and Battle modes to come, alongside one last major free campaign, this time starring King Knight.