Game Characters Look Darn Respectable When Painted Onto Canvas

By Julian Benson on at

Dave Pollot has an admirable hobby. He buys up second-hand canvas paintings, giving them a gaming touch up, and over the past year he has created a string of paintings that he has now uploaded to an Imgur gallery.

This painting, for instance, was originally of a war veteran in full military dress. It now shows a fully decorated Mario:


People can get rubbed the wrong way about painting over other people's creations, so Pollot explains that "this was a framed canvas print that I found at a home decor store. I added an older Mario and his hat (trying to match the uniform). I always paint in oils, and I'm pretty careful about what I'll paint into. I know that there are a number of people who really hate this sort of thing, but I do stick mainly to reproductions (framed canvas/board prints). Occasionally I will find some mass produced hotel art and use that, but I'll do my best to make sure I'm not ruining someone else's original work."

This next painting, 'Obstacles', is a lovely adaptation:


Pollot doesn't only paint Mario onto his paintings. Here's a more subtle work, where he has adapted a city scene into Bioshock Infinite:


I love how Pollot matches the style of the painting he is working on, better blending the alterations into the scene.

I'd check out the full Imgur gallery because there are some wonderful creations in there. Also, take a look at his Etsy shop, too, there's a tonne of other creations, including a lot of Futurama style portraits: