A Game Where You're Cleaning Up Murder Scenes Under The Noses of the Police

By Julian Benson on at

Serial Cleaner puts you on the wrong side of a murder scene: there are bodies everywhere, blood all across the floor, and police on their way. You're not the killer, but it is your job to clean up the evidence before the detectives arrive.

The game comes from developer iFun4All, the makers of Red Game Without a Great Name. The team has certainly picked a dark topic, even taking inspiration from actual '70s murder scenes, but the whole thing is wrapped up in a stylish, slap bass-infused aesthetic:

When I first started watching the trailer I assumed it was a Hotline Miami-style game, but it actually fits into that aesthetic without ripping it off. Most of Hotline Miami's missions ended the same way: as you killed the last person in the level, the music would stop and you would walk back to your car, passing all the blood and viscera you left in your wake. You had created a bloody story as you pushed through the level. Serial Cleaner is more like a bookend, as you enter the scene and erase the story left by the killer.

It's certainly an interesting take on the stealth genre. Normally those games have you breaking into a place to steal something, not to crack out a mop and bucket and give the level a clean. There's no word on a release date yet, but I'll be keeping my eye on this.