Some Photos From the Pokémon Apparel Pop-Up Store in London

By Keza MacDonald on at

As we mentioned yesterday, there is a Pokémon pop-up clothes store running at London's Old Truman Brewery at the moment. It features new designs from gaming apparel designer Insert Coin. The shop is the only place you can get them right now, though they'll be available in limited quantities on the Insert Coin website later in the year.

I stopped by this morning for a wee look. Here's what it looks like inside:


The designs comprise some starter Pokémon shirts, a Kanto hoodie, Magikarp, Pikachu and Snorlax designs, a Professor Oak shirt, and a Team Rocket long-sleeved shirt.


Also, a giant Pikachu:


And a small amount of Pokémon memorabilia:


It's well worth a visit - the designs are a bit less subtle than some of the other Insert Coin lines, but stylish nonetheless. The shop's open until Monday - check Insert Coin's Facebook for the full schedule.

Pikachu photo via Insert Coin. All other photos author's own.