Russian Subway Dog Has You Stealing Commuters' Food

By Julian Benson on at

Anyone who has been to Moscow will know that the city has a real problem with stray dogs, bears, and exploding vodka. You can barely take the metro for all the barking mutts trying to make you drop your turkey wrap or the bears that push past to eat the food before the dogs can get to it. I've completely given up on taking vodka on the train because I've had too many bottles simply drop out of my hands and explode.

Finally a game is capturing this prevalent issue

Taking on the role of a Russian subway dog you have to try and surprise commuters into dropping their food and eat it before any of the competition does. You can increase your score by snatching food out of the air before it hits the ground or by heating it up in a vodka explosion. There's a tonne of little touches that complicate the simple setup, according to the Kickstarter page. "Hot food that isn't eaten quickly will burn away. Snowdrifts can be cleared away with vodka explosions but also melt faster if hit with hot food, cooling the food back down. Bears fatten up if overfed. Power-up items like coffee or kvass provide equally powerful upgrades to rival dogs who eat them."


This game bores its way into my heart, as a big dog and Russian culture fan, so I may be more excited about Russian Subway Dogs than the average internet traveler. Still, I'd recommend taking a look through the game's Kickstarter page to see what it has to offer.