Bandai Namco's New Game Get Even is a First-Person Thriller

By Keza MacDonald on at

Get Even was first announced by developer The Farm 51 back in 2014, with a vague description and a teaser trailer. Publisher Bandai Namco re-announced it last week at Gamescom, with a new, unsettlingĀ trailer that does a slightly better job of communicating what the game is actually about. It's a first-person thriller, in short: you are a gruff Northern English man, trapped in some kind of weird complex, subjected to disconcerting "tests" by unseen tormentors.

There's a horror vibe, but it's not a horror game - just a tense one. The first scene, which I played through last week, has you - as Mr Black - trying to find a girl held hostage by armed men in an abandoned building. You have a smartphone-like device that allows for environment-scanning, heat-mapping and movement-tracking. You have a gun, but I rarely shot it. Instead I snuck around, scanning for clues, hiding from guards. It felt like a cross between Outlast and Metro, relying heavily on audio to buildĀ tension.

Upon eventually finding the girl - who was strapped to a bomb, tied to a chair - Mr Black passes out and reawakens back in an abandoned, dilapidated asylum, with a VR-like device covering his face, and is subjected to violent testing by an unseen master who sends him through a series of locked doors into ever creepier situations, like a kind of humourless Portal. The plot is driven by these mysteries: who is Black, what did he do, where is he, who are his tormentors, and who is the girl?

It won't win any awards for originality of premise - Man Trapped in Abandoned Asylum is hardly new - but Get Even is tense and very weird, which is enough to make it interesting at this stage. It'll be out in spring 2017.