How Motörhead's Lemmy Found His Way into No Man's Sky

By Julian Benson on at

If you were looking closely, you may have spotted a small nod to Motörhead's frontman Lemmy in Hello Games' grand space epic, No Man's Sky.

One of the resources you can collect across the games sprawling universe is a heavy metal element called Lemmium:

no mans sky lemmium

Lemmy's memorial – the musician died in December, 2015 – found its way into No Man's Sky thanks to one of its writers, Will Porter.

In a post on Teamrock, Porter explains that after Lemmy's death he'd become caught up in the group pushing to name a newly discovered element after the musician:

When Lemmy passed away it was less like a musician had joined the choir invisible, and more like some force of nature had suddenly, unexpectedly, stopped raging. The timelessness of his music, and metal in general, came with an unwelcome dose of mortality.

I think that’s why I, and many others, was so engaged with the idea of the petition to make ‘Lemmium’ the new chemical name for Heavy Metal 115 in the Periodic Table. This synthetic superheavy metal’s temporary name is Ununpentium, and its likely name come the end of the year will be Moscovium. Both these names are boring and rubbish. ‘Lemmium’ is neither.

That's likely not to happen now, so, instead Porter took it into his own hands and immortalised Lemmium in No Man's Sky. He admits that "it’s a tiny Easter Egg really, but I like to think that metalheads the world give a little smile when it pops into their inventory... Lemmium will forever be a permanent heavy metal fixture at the foot of the periodic table. A little slice of anarchy, deep in simulated space."