Street Fighter 5 is Finally Going to Deal With Rage Quitters

By Julian Benson on at

Since Street Fighter 5 launched, it has had a problem with rage quitters – people who drop out of games as they lose. It can ruin the game for folks playing online as win after win is snatched away by someone who can't bear to lose.

Today Capcom is going to be rolling out a set of new measures to deal with the quitters. First is a new set of penalties for those found to be rage quitting: a league points penalty and a lockout. Quitting will see you drop in the league standings and every time you are detected to have rage quit you will be locked out of online matchmaking for a set period of time.

One problem Capcom has had with dealing with rage quitters is adequately detecting when someone has deliberately ended a game, rather than just exiting a fight after it's lost. Apparently it has developed a new set of guidelines that will be much more effective at discerning a rage quitter, making it easier to mete out a punishment.