Check Out Little Nightmares, a Creepy-Looking New Horror Game

By Keza MacDonald on at

Bandai Namco has just put out a teaser trailer for Little Nightmares, a creepy, visually striking new horror game from Sweden's Tarsier Studios. It's about a little girl trapped on a submarine full of nightmares called The Maw.

Well, actually it's not entirely new: Little Nightmares was previously announced as Hunger, in May 2014. "Hunger looks like a mix of early Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Tim Burton and Coraline. All things I like so, so far, I approve of this," said Leon, back in February 2015. There's actually a longer, better trailer from back then. Here it is:

Little Nightmares, as it's now known, must be nearly finished by now. It'll be shown off at Gamescom, so we'll make sure to go and see it.