Here's No Man's Sky's First Big Exploit if you Fancy Ruining the Game for Yourself

By Matt Wales on at

Is No Man's Sky any good? Personally, I've no idea, as I'm holding out for the PC version. FPSs are like sex partners, as far as I'm concerned; if they're not 60 or over, you're doing it wrong.

As such, it's a fair bet that No Man's Sky's newly discovered, game-breaking exploit - which potentially allows player to reach the centre of the universe (nominally, the game's end-point) in record time - will be no more by the time I get to playing.

The exploit, should you be interested in that sort of thing, makes it possible to easily acquire large quantities of the game's rarest resources (such as those mysterious Atlas Stones), and quickly craft the high-end tech that enables you to reach your ultimate goal.

no mans sky lost ship

If you don't fancy spoiling the game for yourself, consider this article at an end. You may continue your No Man's Sky experience pure and unsullied. If your moral compass permanently points to 'SCREW YOU', however, here's the process by which you can hoover up all the resources you'll ever need.

First, make sure you have the item (or items) you want to duplicate tucked safely in your starship's inventory - as well as some additional free space - then save the game. Congrats! You're well on your way to being a dirty big cheat.

Next, whizz off into space, get yourself killed then reload your save. Return to your grave marker (out in space where you died), and retrieve your inventory. You'll now have all the items you had pre-death, plus the items that you just retrieved. This is, of course, incredibly dishonest of you.

You can repeat the whole process as much as you like in order to gather up No Man's Sky's rarest resources - until the exploit is inevitably patched out of the game.