Bethesda's 'What is Prey?' Video Leaves a Lot of Unanswered Questions

By Julian Benson on at

"Prey is not a sequel, it's not a remake, it has no tie with the original," Raphael Colantonio says in the opening of a Bethesda video titled "What is Prey?".

Despite the candid question, by the end of the video I'm still not too sure what Prey is. Colantonio points out that Arkane makes games which are system-based, where choice is important to the player.

Colantonio says there will be combat, both with traditional weapons and gadgets that you'll find as you explore the science station where the game is set.

Apparently, the game tracks what you do "so that there can be consequences to [your] choices".

Oh, and you can choose to be male or female. Either choice will still see you called Morgan Yu.

Prey's trailer at E3 was certainly intriguing:

We should hear more about Prey before the end of the year, maybe Bethesda will spill some beans at Gamescom next month.

The questions I was hoping to hear answered:

  • If Prey has no tie to the original, why is it called Prey?
  • Will you be playing in the tight daily loop shown in the trailer?
  • How long have you been working on Prey 2?
  • Was there a time when Arkane was working on Human Head's version of Prey 2?

Maybe at Gamescom.