Help: The Game is a Bundle of Games to Raise Money for the Child Victims of War

By Julian Benson on at

In an effort to raise money for charity, a bunch of developers have gathered together to create 12 games which they've released as a bundle called Help: The Game. All the money raised from its sale goes to War Child, a charity specifically set up to help the child victims of wars around the world.

Looking through the list of participating developers there are some real stand out names: Creative Assembly, Boss Studios, and Team 17, for instance. Here's the full list of games and who made them:

  • Rise - Creative Assembly
  • Savana - Modern Dream
  • A Verdant Hue - Spilt Milk Studios
  • Splash Bash - Rovio
  • Captain Curve's Intergalactic Space Adventure - Curve
  • NeverMine - Torn Banner
  • Anthelion - Rovio
  • Malkia - Sports Interactive
  • Octamari Rescue - Sumo Digital
  • BlockAid - Hardlight
  • Emily: Displaced - Bossa Studios
  • 10 Minute Tower - Team17
  • Help: The Game

The bundle is only £10 and all the money goes to charity. According to the information I was sent,  "there are more than 230 million children living with the effects of war globally. More than half of all people affected by conflict are children, but less than five per cent of humanitarian funding is spent protecting and educating them. They are the most vulnerable and are at risk of violence, abuse and trauma. They miss out on school and become separated from their families. The charity believes children in emergencies need more than simply food, shelter and water – they need education, livelihoods and protection as well."

You can find out more about the bundle on Steam.