Six Years Later, Persona 5 is Finally Complete!

By Matt Wales on at

If recent history has taught us anything, it’s that games that take six years to make are invariably great. Here is my supporting evidence: The Witness, Inside. Given how conclusive that proof is, I feel confident in stating here and now that Persona 5 will also be amazing. Because, yes, six years after development began, the long-awaited PlayStation 4 RPG is finally finished.

Game director Katsura Hashino, speaking at the Persona 5 Take the Treasure event held at the Tokyo National Museum earlier this week, broke the news, stating (as reported by Persona Central),  “We, from the staff of the development team, have put our full effort into the game and have completed our work. We hope it meets the fans’ expectations, and that you look forward to the release date”.

So there you go. Persona 5 is done and ready for its Japanese September 15 release; Keza is very, very excited, and you’ve only got another eight months or so to wait before the game comes out in the west. To tide you over, here’s Persona 5’s main theme again. Because it’s great.