Bosnian Pokémon Go Players Warned Not to Stray into Minefields

By Matt Wales on at

Generally speaking, there are only so many mishaps likely to befall the average Pokémon Go player as they step out into the real world – although, admittedly, that (increasingly bizarre) list is growing with every passing day. In some corners of the globe, however, Pokémon Go players face a wholly different level of peril.

Take Bosnia, for instance. Thanks to years of conflict, much of the country is still littered with active landmines – experts estimate that around 120,000 of the devices have yet to be decommissioned. As you might imagine, huge numbers of invisible explosives underfoot and distracted Pokémon hunters wandering around do not make for happy bedfellows.

As such, and following reports that Pokémon Go players in Bosnia were ignoring warning signs and straying into dangerous areas, Posavina bas mina, a local demining charity, has issued an urgent notice on its Facebook page.

pokemon go bosnia warning

"We received information that some users of the Pokémon Go app in Bosnia were going to places which are a risk for mines, in search of a Pokémon", the statement (translated by the BBC) reads, "citizens are urged not to do so, to respect demarcation signs of dangerous mine fields and not to go into unknown areas."

Needless to say, it's imperative that Pokémon trainers in Bosnia play and stay safe. And if Pokémon hunters elsewhere could try to avoid driving into police cars, falling off cliffs and almost getting shot, that would be great too.