A (Minuscule) Look at No Man's Sky's Combat in Action

By Matt Wales on at

Sony's been embarking on a bit of a No Man's Sky information splurge of late. That's probably a good thing, seeing as the game's out in three weeks and the only thing I've really managed to ascertain so far is that it looks pretty and has a nice soundtrack.

Last time Sony parped out a No Man's Sky video, it focussed on exploration (in as far as an 82-seconds-long video can focus on anything), and now we've been given an equally ephemeral whiff of the game's combat.

Once again, there's not much new to be gleaned - you'll see a smattering of deep-space dogfighting and planet-level first-person gunning - but it's hard to begrudge another opportunity to soak up those beautiful visuals. No Man's Sky, of course, finally arrives for PC and PlayStation 4 on August 12.