See If You Can Cancel More Trains than Southern Rail

By Julian Benson on at

No subject comes up in the Kotaku UK chat room more than Southern Rail. For the past few months the network has been severely delaying and cancelling trains all over the south of England, particularly the trains between Brighton and London. Keza's based in Brighton so it's led to more than a few five-hour round trips or days working from home because supposedly every conductor is off work ill for the day.

Clearly the frustration has got to developer RamJam because it made a wonderfully on-point game that's come out of the ordeal:

southern fail

You play Southern Rail and you've a simple job: stop the guards from getting to the trains. If your train runs you have to spend money on guards, drivers, fuel and all that expensive stuff. It's much better to get all the passengers to pay for the train and then cancel the thing, then you get the cash and don't need to spend any of it.

So, whenever you see a guard rushing for the train with a little red arrow above them you need to click on him to send them home.

The rules are surprisingly on the head, too. The reason Southern Rail's service has been so poor this past year is because the company is trying to fire all its train guards and, instead, run the service with just drivers. This decision led to a pair of strikes, and since then Southern has been cancelling services and blaming it on 'Staff sickness'. It's then used that excuse to run a reduced service while still charging the same amount for the fewer services it is running.

You need to stop the staff from working, cancelling the train, and make all the money.

If you let even one train pull out of the station you have failed.

I managed to get to five trains in all. Southern has cancelled 341. See if you can beat it.