Take a Look at the Impressively Diverse Geography of No Man's Sky

By Matt Wales on at

If you're still wondering what, exactly, you'll be doing in No Man's Sky when it finally releases in a little under a month, never fear: Sony's here.

In a frantic bid to plug your knowledge holes, the company just released part one of a presumably multi-part video series, this particular instalment purporting to focus on exploration. Don't worry; you're also allowed to watch if you intend to play on PC!

In truth, the video's a little light on useful, actual information – and by 'a little light on', I mean 'utterly devoid of' – but it does at least afford a look at No Man's Sky's impressively diverse, procedurally generated environments.

There's even a space whale!

If space whales, pretty music and all of the colours seem like your kind of thing, it's a fairly safe bet at this point that you'll enjoy No Man's Sky. Hopefully, however, it'll end up being fun to play too!