You Can Hire Pokémon Trainers to Play Pokémon GO For You

By Julian Benson on at

Up and down the country, nay, across the world, there will be people sat in offices with Pokémon GO installed on their phones, just waiting for their shift to end so they can head out and catch some Pokémon. It's this wretched employment that's getting in the way. If only there was a network of people with time on their hands who could catch pokémon for us, amass us pokéballs, and who could hatch our eggs, all while we were stuck in work.

Basically, we need a Pokémon GO dog walker.

bidivine pokemon trainer

So, there's this site called Bidvine where people can post odd jobs and people signed up to the network can bid on the work. You might need your shed painted and people can say how much they would charge for the job and then you pay them. Well, now one of the jobs that is up on the site is Pokémon Trainer.

If you're desperate to have your phone constantly amassing pokémon you can hire someone to come to your office, take your phone and walk it around for a couple of hours collecting pokéballs, pokémon, and hatching your eggs. They can charge your phone as they do it so you don't get handed back a brick at the end of the transaction, too.

It does seem a little strange to let someone else play the game for you but, well, nothing about Pokémon GO's launch has been entirely normal.

If you'd like to hire a trainer you should put up a job over here, if you'd like to sign up as a trainer then you should head on over here.

Of course, do bear in mind that you'll be handing your phone over to a stranger. It may be worth asking for their ID as collateral while they're out with your most prized of possessions... your pokémon collection.

Top image credit: Newtown Graffiti/Flickr.