One Mod Has Radically Changed XCOM 2

By Julian Benson on at

Long War Studios, the team behind the Long War mod and a string of official releases for XCOM 2, has released a pair of new mods for XCOM 2. One of the two new mods completely revamps the game's class system, adding three new classes and 70 new and reworked abilities.

The Perk Pack mod gives you a third tree of abilities to pick from when your soldiers level up, instead of the two in the original game. To populate that third tree, the Long War team has gone over the original abilities, tweaking some and adding in whole new ones to boot. In total there 70 new and reworked abilities to play with.

As well as the new abilities, XCOM 2's four base classes are joined by three new ones: assault, gunner, and shinobi. The mod also lets you create your own, new class.

On top of all that it also adds ten new PCS (Personal Combat Sims) items to augment your troops' abilities.

The second of the two mods is less exciting but only because the first so radically changes the game – it adds a whole new tier of laser weapons to your research tree.


The laser pack mod adds a tier of weapons to research between magnetic and beam weapons, giving you access to guns that offer a halfway point in power. Though it will also drag out your campaign a little, as you need to spend time and resources researching a new field of weapons.

Both these mods are out now and can be found in XCOM 2's Steam Workshop area.