Splatoon Fans, Get Ready For the Great British Splat-Off

By Keza MacDonald on at

Nintendo has partnered with UK eSports events people Gfinity to run a series of Splatoon tournaments this summer. Named the Great British Splat-Off, it takes place over four weekends from the 16th July to the 7th August.

You have to sign up in advance in order to join a league. Here's what they are:

  • Squid Kid League:  For younger players – Turf War game mode only

  • Inkling League:  Beginner/casual players – Turf War game mode only

  • Octo League:  Open to all ages and levels – More challenging featuring all game modes

Winners will win tickets to a live event, the Splatoon Fan Fest, taking place at London’s Gfinity Arena on 27th August. That'll be a whole day of tournaments, challenges, cosplay and art. There will be "exclusive Splatoon giveaways and prizes", says Nintendo, including "rare merchandise, exclusive artwork created by Splatoon’s revered Art Director and a one-off personalised Splat Champ winner’s jacket".

Sounds like fun. For those who need to brush up on their brush-skills, Nintendo has put together a big series of tips videos.