Richard Garriott is Literally Selling His Blood on Ebay

By Julian Benson on at

Richard "Lord British" Garriott, creator of the Ultima series and currently working on Shroud of the Avatar, is selling his blood on eBay for $5,000 (£3,800). Really.

He had his blood drawn live during a stream last night (skip to 19 minutes in):

Garriott passed the vial of his blood onto artist Steve Brudniak who made a reliquary from the red stuff. He actually made six of them because it doesn't take all that much blood to do it. They're all currently up on eBay at $5,000 a pop.

Now for £3,800 you don't just get a developer's blood. You also get a tonne of in-game items. But, honestly, let's face it, if you're buying this it's because you want to own another human's blood. I'm not judging you, but don't shy away from your blood ownership needs.

It's not just Garriott's blood up for sale, you can also get executive producer Starr 'Darkstarr' Long's blood, too. It's practically raining developer blood.

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