Dancing Bears + Naked Danny Devito = Game?

By Julian Benson on at

So, there's a game developer I've been watching for months and waiting to write about because it has been showing off lots of prototypes but not an actual game. Thing is, in waiting, I'm missing the chance to share all the amazing experiments it has been posting about most days. So, without further ado, here is Punches Bears, the developer that sits in the perfect centre of a venn diagram of bears, Naked Danny Devito, and hip hop:

For the past year Punches Bears has been experimenting with procedurally generated animation as it pertains to bears. There have been clips of bears rodeoing:

Bears fighting off angry villagers:

Bears doing... let's call it the worm:

Bears strapped to the top of a dome, armed with a chainsaw and fighting off a load of villagers:


Later rodeo experiments saw Devito don a cute cowboy outfit (though I feel something was was lost without the nudity):

I mean, look at this sultry minx:


You'd hope Devito would be behind the nudity. He did record this after all:

Though, considering how violent it is after you fall off the bear, it makes sense that he puts on some protection:

Don't worry, though, Punches Bears assures us that Danny Devito and the bear are in fact friends:

Those rodeo videos first went up in December and since then Punches Bears seems to have moved onto a procedurally generated bear dance off:

The latest addition was a brother bear bopping with a boom box:

As you can see, then, Punches Bears is an eclectic, hilarious developer and if I wait until it actually releases a game there will be so much else that I'll miss the opportunity to share.

We've not even talked about Burrito Quest: